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We source the majority of our crab from day boats. On arrival at the factory, the shellfish are carefully checked. Only the finest quality crab is taken to the factory within hours of landing for immediate processing.

Atlanfish has Full traceability via online Product Trace tool ensuring full traceability from catch to consumer

All our crab products are cooked pasteurised and come chilled or frozen

Atlanfish are accredited by the following bodies:

  • Origin Green
  • BRC Accredited
  • MSC Lobster Chain of Custody

Below are some of the regions we work with:

  • Malin Head, Ireland’s most Northerly point where we source our crab
  • Dundalk Bay, Co Louth, Ireland where we source our langoustine
  • Prince Edward Island, Canada, where we source our lobster
  • Fully integrated Total Quality Management system is at the heart of the process
  • Only raw material that meets strict approval criteria are selected
  • Prior to entering the production process a rigorous series of quality tests ensures that all the raw materials processed meets the highest quality standards
  • During the production process, further tests are carried out and product which does not meet these standards is rejected

Atlanfish Ltd has worked for many years with fishermen, developing and implementing an Integrated Crab Management Plan. Below are some measures implemented by Atlanfish Ltd and our fishermen :

  • Collection of scientific data, record keeping and reporting back to the Marine Institute of Ireland (Government Agency)
  • Tag and Release programme: Tagging crab to allow the Marine Institute of Ireland to plot the crab migration and monitor health of the stock.
  • Seasons: Atlanfish QC Team only purchase crab at their prime. Not when the crab is weak, molting / spawning. These limited catching durations enhance conservation measures.
  • Trap Designs: management practices are in place regarding the size, type and materials used.
  • Carapace Size Limit: Minimum crab carapace size established – to eliminate juveniles being landed, undersized crab are returned live to the sea.
  • Day Boat Fishery: We source the majority of our crab from a day boats that land to the many small piers around Inishowen and Malin Head. All our crab is taken to the factory within hours of landing for immediate processing.
  • Limits on trap numbers: a limit is placed on the number traps available to each fisherman during the season.
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