Our Market

World Class Quality Crab

Our journey begins in Donegal, Ireland and our products are showcased around the world with customers in France, Sweden, Japan, and the UK.

Exporting 100% of our production, we maintain a prominent position in the Retail and
Food Services sector across Europe, adeptly responding to emerging trends and preferences.


"A box of crabs, just landed on the beach at Cromer, Norfolk. These crabs were still alive and the topmost one was desperately trying to escape. Cromer is particularly famous for its crabs."
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With a dedication to meeting growing demands, we work alongside our European office, ensuring efficient service and distribution of our superior Brown Crab products. Through the development of distinctive brands such as L’Irlandaise, Cashelmara and La Celtique, we continue to showcase our commitment to excellence and innovation
in the seafood market.

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